Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Mileage and Pricing

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Specs and Price - For Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 sporting in same steel perimeter frame in compared to the siblings of Bajaj 200 NS also RS 200, in equal to them, the Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 handling whole things well also would feel very confident on corners. For high handlebars also the rear set footpegs will provides such relaxed seating that quite fits well by the bike's touring nature. For its comfortable seating will allow for such stress-free long rides, of Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 ever offered. For Bajaj Pulsa AS 200.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Engine 

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Mileage and Pricing

For the engine, it gets directly from siblings of Bajaj 200 NS, for engine also transmission, for such triple spark technology in four-valves over 199.5 cc mill will developing for such peak power of about 23.5 HP over 9,500 RPM plus for maximum torque of 18.3 Nm over 8,000 RPM. For its engine, kind of liquid cooled also fed by carburettor, since we already overseeing over Bajaj 200 NS, for engine, quite in rev-happy by such close ration in 6 speed transmission.

We probably capable in manage to top speed of about 148 km/h for such perfect condition, we also felt for bike capable in push further. For its quick acceleration, would bring the bike in standstill to 100 km/h by 9.5 seconds. You could see that the engine feels quite refined over high RPMs and letting you to cruise in comfort over around of 110 km/h mark. This bike could give modest over 37 km/l mileage by its mixed riding conditions.

Handling and Braking

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Mileage and Pricing

For Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 For new Pulsar AS 200 sporting same for steel perimeter frame compared to siblings of 200 NS also RS 200, the handles quite well also very confident on corners, high handlebars also the rear set footpegs serves such relaxing seating stance that will fits well in regard to bike's touring nature. For the comfortable seating will allow stress free long rides over this Bajaj Pulsar AS 200. For Pricing The Bajaj Motorcycles India already launching intriguing new Pulsar AS 200, and for its retailing price is to be at Rs. 91,550/-.

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