2015 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition

2015 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition
Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition Specs -  Kawasaki Ninja RR Special Edition motorcycle known as the toughness of power, acceleration, balance and sporty aerodynamic body, which will give the sensation of driving is different from other motors.

New Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition is equipped with technology super KIPS and HSAS. Technology super KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System) is a system mechanism exhaust gas control valve. In the high-rev engine, the valve will open, serves to generate a response and maximum engine power. While at low engine rotation, valve will close and block the waste combustion mixture.

2015 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition

For HSAS (High Performance Secondary Air System) serves to inject fresh air into the base of the exhaust. HSAS does not work alone, but there are other supporting devices, namely the catalytic converter in the muffler which is useful to increase the exhaust gas temperature. So that the exhaust gas purification more perfect, more environmentally friendly (pass Euro II). Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Specifications

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR SE equipped with engines 149 cc, 2 - step, 1 silinder, Cranked case, Reed Valve, KIPS, HSAS equipped with a 6 speed that is capable of spewing maximum power up to 21 kW at 11,000 rpm and maximum torque of 20 Nm at 9,000 rpm.

Specification Kawasaki Ninja RR Special Edition 

  • Type engine: 2 - step, 1-cylinder, cranked case, Reed Valve, KIPS, HSAS
  • Maximum Power : 21 KW / 11,000 RPM, EURO II
  • Maximum Torque : 20 Nm / 9000 rpm, EURO II
  • Carburetor : Mikuni Vm 28
  • Bore x Stroke : 59.0 x 54.4 mm
  • Cylinder volume : 149 cm3
  • Valve System:-
  • Fuel System: -
  • Ignition system: -
  • Cooling System : Cooling with water
  • Compression Ratio : 6.9: 1
  • Suspension Front : 41 mm Telescopic Fork
  • Rear Suspension : Monoshock Suspension
  • Brakes Front : Twin Disc Brake Port
  • Rear Brakes : Disc Brakes Twin Port
  • Front Tire : 90 / 90-17 49S Tube-Type
  • Rear tire : 110 / 80-17 57S Tube-Type
  • Length x Width x Height : 1930 mm x 720 mm x 1095 mm
  • Axis Wheels distance : 1305 mm
  • Distance to Land : 145 mm
  • Weight : 134 kg
  • Fuel Capacity : 10.8 Liter
  • Transmission 6 - Speed
  • Final Drive System Type : Chain Drive
  • Overall drive ratio : 7874 @ Top Gear
  • Side Oil Capacity : 0.8 Liter
  • Oil Lubrication System : Oil Injection
  • Coolant Capacity : 1.3 Liter

Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition price

  • 36.600.000 IDR
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Thus glimpse of Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition, all information regarding the specifications or prices taken from the official website of Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, I hope this brief review can be a reference for you to know more details about Price and Specifications Kawasaki Ninja 150RR Special Edition. thank you for your visit and hopefully useful.

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