2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specifications and Features

2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specifications and Features

2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specifications and Features - Powered by a liquid-cooled engine, 2-stroke, single cylinder, 64cc, which produces responsive power, Kawasaki KX65 is a competition bike that has been furnished by the features hi-tech and has been proven in the world of racing.
2014 Kawasaki KX65 Detail and Feature
An Important Step on the Road to Glory
For more than 30 years, Kawasaki’s smallest KX™ motocrosser has played a key role in the sport of motocross, providing a race-winning platform on which countless national and world champions have begun the journey to superstardom. Today, Kawasaki’s KX65 maintains the same successful attributes, including a powerful and reliable two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes and long travel suspension. Its reputation as the quintessential learning tool for young racers taking their first steps into the world of competitive riding is well deserved.

The Kawasaki KX65’s liquid-cooled, 64cc engine produces an amazing level of power for its small displacement, and its smooth-shifting six-speed transmission and manual clutch help transfer that power to the ground efficiently. Its semi-double-cradle steel frame is equipped with Kawasaki’s legendary Uni-Trak® linkage system, which alters leverage on the rear shock as the suspension is compressed, so that small bumps receive light damping and larger bumps receive progressively firmer damping for a smoother ride and better control. Both the shock and fork boast four-way adjustable rebound damping for optimal handling. Lightweight aluminum rims reduce unsprung weight to help improve suspension action, and offer the same aggressive look as the rims on the larger KX models. Both wheels feature hydraulic disc brakes that not only provide great stopping power but require little maintenance and simplify wheel removal.

Younger riders who race their 2014 Kawasaki KX65 at designated events are eligible to receive support from Team Green™, Kawasaki’s amateur racing support program. For more than three decades, Team Green has provided regional support vehicles and highly trained technicians at more than 100 events per year throughout the United States, offering technical information and assistance to those who race Kawasaki products. Kawasaki also offers a comprehensive contingency program for amateur and professional riders who place well at designated events. Authentic Kawasaki Accessories are available through Kawasaki dealers.

At A Glance.
  • 64cc two-stroke engine with digital ignition offers ideal timing for better throttle response throughout the rev range
  • An electrofusion-coated cylinder with advanced exhaust and transfer ports for increased power and performance at higher rpm
  • Six-speed transmission offers positive action and rugged durability; hard chrome-finished shift fork ends resist wear
  • High-tensile steel frame offers exceptional torsional rigidity for excellent handling with a reinforced down tube for increased strength and durability
  • Uni-Trak® rear suspension offers progressively increasing spring and damping strength as the suspension compresses for a more controlled ride
  • Front and rear disc brakes are light, powerful and resist fading
  • Industry-leading amateur racing support through Team Green™
64cc Two-stroke Engine
  • Digital ignition offers ideal timing for optimal throttle response throughout the rev range
  • Ignition rotor features rare-earth magnets, making it smaller, lighter and more durable. Its low inertial moment improves low-rpm response
  • High capacity ignition coil delivers a higher secondary voltage for a hotter spark, and the punchier response improves acceleration
  • Connecting rod big-end bearing features a cage for added durability
  • Primary gear is secured using a lock-nut to help reduce mechanical noise
  • The oil seal of the left crankcase has a stopper for increased engine reliability
  • Metafoam gaskets are used for the generator cover, water pump cover and water pump elbow for improved sealing
  • Silver clutch and ignition covers resist the signs of boot rub to help keep the KX looking fresh, longer
Electrofusion Cylinder
  • Advanced exhaust and transfer ports increase power and performance at higher rpm
  • Bridge between exhaust ports is machined for increased reliability and resistance to wear and seizure
  • Lightweight cylinder liner transfers heat efficiently for cooler running
Liquid Cooling
  • Large radiator provides more consistent engine temperatures, keeping power output strong throughout the moto
  • Cooling system offers greater reliability and less engine wear
24mm Mikuni Carburetor
  • Feeds a four-petal reed valve for excellent throttle response
  • Allows the engine to produce more power and torque at all rpm
Six-speed Transmission
  • Positive action and rugged durability
  • Hard chrome-finished shift-fork ends resist wear
  • Manual clutch mechanism mirrors larger KX models
  • Clutch cover gasket made of metal-carbon composite material
High-tensile Steel Frame
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity for excellent handling
  • Reinforced downtube adds strength and durability
  • Engine and chassis bolts feature rust-resistant coating
Front Fork 
  • Four-position rebound-damping adjustment accommodates different riding styles and terrai
  • Uni-Trak® Rear Suspension 
  • Rising-rate action allows a more controlled ride as the suspension compresses
Nitrogen-charged Shock
  • Four-way adjustable rebound damping offers a variety of settings for various track conditions
  • External reservoir helps maintain consistent damping
  • Rebuildable aluminum body
  • Forged aluminum rocker arm reduces weight and improves durability
Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Light and powerful
  • Ergonomic front brake lever shape offers better feel
  • Resist fading
  • Require less lever pressure
Lightweight Aluminum Rims
  • Black aluminum rims provide the same aggressive look as the rims on larger KX models
  • Reduce unsprung weight for improved suspension action
Detachable Aluminum Silencer
  • Silencer is removable, and packing is replaceable
  • Oval shape mimics the styling of larger-displacement KX models
2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specs
Engine : Two-stroke single
Displacement : 64.7cc
Bore x Stroke : 44.5 x 41.6mm
Cooling System : Liquid
Carburetion : Mikuni VM24SS
Induction : Four-petal reed valve
Compression ratio : 8.4:1
Ignition : Digital CDI
Transmission : Six-speed
Final drive : Chain
Frame Type : Semi-double-cradle, high-tensile steel
Rake/Trail : 27 degrees / 2.4 in.
Front suspension / wheel travel : 33mm leading axle conventional fork with four-way rebound damping / 8.3 in.
Rear suspension / wheel travel : Uni-Trak® single shock system with four-way rebound damping and fully adjustable spring preload / 9.4 in.
Front Tire Size : 60/100x14
Rear Tire Size : 80/100x12
Front brakes / rear brakes : Hydraulic disc / Disc
Overall length : 62.6 in.
Overall width : 29.9 in.
Overall height  : 37.6 in.
Ground clearance    : 12.0 in.
Seat height : 29.9 in.
Curb weight : 132.2 lbs.
Fuel capacity :1.0 gal.
Wheelbase : 44.1 in.
Color Choices : Lime Green
Price : $ 3.699 

2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specifications and Features
2014 Kawasaki KX65 Specifications and Features

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